Ocean Shores - Play on the Coast

Real Coasting Starts on the Beach.

A huge expanse of sandy Pacific Ocean beach is yours any time of the year. And whether you're in boots or barefoot, there's plenty to do--dig for clams (in season), beach comb for treasures, or watch a wild winter storm. Fly a kite, go for a brisk seaside run, or gaze at a night sky brimming with stars.

Across the Harbor

At the North Jetty, just south of Ocean Shores, you can take in views of the shipping channel and historic Westport across the bay, featuring one of the west coast's tallest lighthouses!

Apollo Activities
tel: 360.289.3830
172 W Chance A La Mer Ave.
Suite A
Ocean Shores

Bike and moped rentals for all out fun for the entire family. We have the wheels that you seek!

Ocean Charters
tel: 360.268.9144
toll free: 800.562.0105

The fishing is awesome! One of our tuna trips, in addition to a pile of albacore tuna, hooked two yellow-fin tuna, one of them a four-footer!

Ocean Shores Kites
tel: 360.289.4103
172 W. Chance A La Mer Blv.
759 Pt. Brown Ave #C
Ocean Shores

With two locations to serve you, at Ocean Shores Kites, service and FUN are number one. So let's Go Fly a Kite...

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