Ocean Shores - Play on the Coast

Hunt for Treasures at
Ocean Shores.

Find a spectacular kite, something special to bring back home, or your favorite confection. Your trip to the Coast isn’t complete without a stroll through our intriguing shops!

North Beach Senior Center Thrift Store
tel: 360.289.2801
885 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW
Ocean Shores
First Cabin
tel: 360.289.9070
698 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW
Suite #1
Ocean Shores
Flying Cats
tel: 360.289.CATS
114 E. Chance a la Mer Ave.
Across from IGA
Ocean Shores

a Gift Shop for the Entire Family! Cut your own custom soap and visit our gourmet tasting table!

The Gallery of Ocean Shores
tel: 360.289.0734
849 Point Brown Ave NW
Ocean Shores

North Beach Artists Guild is a group of artists and patrons who join together to bring art and art education to the community

North Coast Photos By Gary Iversen
tel: 360.289.2988

Gary is an award winning nature photographer who has spent the last 20 years photographing the Ocean Shores area

Ace Hardware
tel: 360.289.4611
171 E Chance A La Mer NE
Ocean Shores

Rent clam shovels/ clam guns, obtain WA Fish & Wildlife Licenses, Garden Center, Electrical, Hardware, Home Decor & more

Merrell's Gift Shop and Gallery
tel: 360.289.0102
759 Point Brown Ave NW
Ocean Shores

Specialty gifts, art and craft pieces.

Gordon's Antiques
tel: 360.289.3980
339 Damon Rd NE
Ocean Shores

Specialize in antiques and collectibles, art, pottery, maritime antiques and eclectic antiques.

tel: 360.580.8902
2761 St route 109
Ocean City

Unique planters; floral gifts; bedding plants; shrubs; trees. Historic North beach treasures for your viewing. Mother's Day is our specialty.

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