Ocean Shores - Play on the Coast

Keeping the Community Strong and Connected.

Local service groups enhance the quality of life on the Coast. The US Coast Guard, fire, police, and emergency services stand ready. As do our chamber of commerce, a community library and the Associated Arts of Ocean Shores. Local transit services and a nearby airport add convenience to your visit.

Ocean Shores Police Department
tel: 911 or 360.289.3331
577 Pt. Brown Avenue NW
Ocean Shores
Visitors Information Center
tel: 360.289.9586
toll free: 866.60.COAST
120 West Chance A La Mer Ave. NW
West Entrance of Conv. Center
Ocean Shores

Free maps, tide tables, list of things to do, brochures, menus & information not only about the incredible WA COAST, but statewide publications.

Ocean Shores Fire & Rescue
tel: 911 or 360.289.3611
676 Pt. Brown Avenue NW
Ocean Shores
Senior Resource Center
tel: 360.289.3352
557 Pt Brown Ave NW
At Ocean Shores United Methodist
Ocean Shores

Information for seniors so they know what services are available & how to access at local, state & federal levels. Messages returned promptly.

Ocean Shores City Hall
tel: 360.289.0373
801 Minard Avenue NW
Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores Library
tel: 360.289.3919
573 Pt. Brown Avenue NW
P.O. Box 669
Ocean Shores

Serving Ocean Shores residents and visitors. Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 11-5 Closed Sunday & Monday

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