Ocean Shores - Play on the Coast

At Your Service.

At Ocean Shores you can access the same services you rely on at home--places of worship, health, pet and auto care, banking, haircare. So get the help you need. When you need it. Right here on the Coast.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
tel: 360.289.2037
228 Albatross St. NE
Ocean Shores
Faith Community
tel: 360.289.2474
240 Canal Drive SE
Ocean Shores
tel: 360.289.3313
824 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW
Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores Baptist Church
tel: 360.289.2540
625 Point Brown Ave.
Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores United Methodist
tel: 360.289.0201
557 Point Brown Ave.
Ocean Shores
Shores Fellowship Church (Assembly of God)
tel: 360.289.2693
683 Weather Wax Loop NE
Ocean Shores
St. Jerome Catholic
tel: 360.289.2838
15 Patrick Way
Hogans Corner
Senior Resource Center
tel: 360.289.3352
557 Pt Brown Ave NW
At Ocean Shores United Methodist
Ocean Shores

Information for seniors so they know what services are available & how to access at local, state & federal levels. Messages returned promptly.

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